Dunk Tank

Make a Splash at Your Event!  Get the coach, get your boss, get your principle and get ready for a great time as your guests line up to make a big splash. Dunk tank rentals are an American classic for a reason; people love them!  The dunk tank is trailer mounted with a large plastic tank and a window so you can have a full view of them doing down.  Since this is the nice trailer mounted hard plastic tank dunk tank it does require a large gate (at least 6 feet) with clearance all the way to the set-up location.  The dunk tank comes with one 50 foot hose and three balls.  Please make sure you have a standard water source within 50 feet of the dunk tank.  If that is not available, please make sure you make other arrangements for water.  Dunk tank rentals can be set up indoors with a lot of extra supplies and planning, so if you are looking at having one indoors please call the office so we can go over the details.  We are also happy to provide professional staff support for any of our equipment so that you can be free to enjoy the party. For more information about dunk tank rental in Phoenix, AZ, contact Arizona Inflatable Events today.

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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 8'Lx12'Wx8'H
Space Needed: 25'Lx16'Wx10'H

Call for Pricing

Price: $249.00 (1 hour)

Price: $249.00 (2 hours)

Price: $249.00 (3 hours)

Price: $249.00 (4 hours)

Price: $249.00 (5 hours)